Celebrated organist gives sparkling concert

The Gleaner
by Michael Reckord
January 24, 2010
An excellent performance by organist Diane Bish at the Stella Maris Church on Sunday could only have cemented her reputation as "the most visible and influential classical organist performing today". But the enthusiastic applause she received from the fair-sized audience was evoked by more than her music. The audience was also responding to her informative and humorous patter as Bish showed herself to be not only an organist, but also an entertainer… Read More »

Ward Theatre: History Meets the Arts

by Jessica McCurdy Crooks
January 24, 2010
Like so many old buildings in Jamaica, the Ward Theatre is a testament to the country’s long and interesting history. It has borne witness to many significant chapters in the country’s cultural and political development. Its cool blue color is a stark contrast to the bustling activity and colors of downtown Kingston. The theater is felt by many to represent the best of Jamaican workmanship and artistic vision… Read More »

A Call To Save One of Jamaica's Treasure - The Ward Theatre!

The Exposure
by Delroy A. Whyte-Hall
January 17, 2010
In December 1912, a beacon of light, hope and dreams was born. There in the center of Jamaica's growing downtown metropolis was erected what would become the symbol of a country's cultural heritage. This is the story of the magnificent Ward Theatre. Unmatched in its architectural elegance and near perfect acoustical construction, the Ward Theatre represents the consummate symbol of Jamaica's rich cultural heritage… Read More »

Diane Bish plays for the Ward, Bach, Hayden, hymns, own compositions part of hour-long performance

The Gleaner
by Mel Cooke
January 17, 2010
Diane Bish last performed in Jamaica in 1993 - the same year Warren Woodruff's 'Diane Bish: First Lady of the Organ', was published. Close to 17 years on, Bish's status is unchanged and she is happy to be performing in Jamaica once again. Then, she said, "I'd heard a lot about Jamaica" and she got to know the people here in addition to doing the concert, enjoying the whole experience… Read More »

Diane Bish performs for the Ward

Jamaica Observer
by Unknown
January 12, 2010
WHAT promises to be an afternoon of musical delight will be an organ recital by the international organist Diane Bish at Stella Maris Church on Sunday, January 17, at 5:00 pm. The concert will be in aid of the restoration of the Ward Theatre and is organised by the Ward Theatre Foundation. Diane Bish described as "the first lady of the organ" last performed in Jamaica in 1993 at St Andrew Parish Church for the Ward Theatre Season of Excellence… Read More »

The ward theatre restoration

Jamaican Journal
by Skillachi
November 14, 2009
For all the older folks (sorry didnt mean to call you out like that) out there. You will remember the once jewel of downtown Kingston that is the ward theatre. Yes this majestic blue and white structure was once the place to go in Kingston. All of the major plays and pantomimes that were produced would play at the Ward theatre and you can be guarantee that the houses would be packed. You could even ask all the theatre greats about their memories of the Ward theatre and they would all have some, quite frankly if they dont have any memories of there, they probably are really young or weren't really theatre greats at all… Read More »

The Ward remembers Wycliffe

The Gleaner
by Nicola Crosswell-Mair
October 21, 2009
Many people of our nation in all realms of theatre arts, business, community and Government were very saddened to learn of the passing of Wycliffe Bennett on October 5 at age 87. An icon of the theatre arts, Bennett, a founder of the theatre movement in Jamaica, dedicated most of his life to developing all aspects of this artistic expression… Read More »

CER assists Ward Theatre project

Go-Local Jamaica
by Unkown
June 19, 2009
The Ward Theatre Foundation and the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports have been working with CER (Cultural Emergency Response) in seeking assistance in the restoration of the historic Ward Theatre. CER is a programme of the Dutch funding agency the Prince Claus Fund. The funding has enabled work to begin with a firm based in Florida that has extensive experience of the very specific field of conserving historic theatres. They will be able to provide advice on the restoration of the historic aspects of the building… Read More »

The Voice Behind the Ward Theatre

The Gleaner
by Unknown
March 30, 2009
Ruby Martin has been recognised as the power voice behind the Ward Theatre in downtown Kingston. Quite passionate about the almost 97-year-old institution, she is determined to bring it back to its former glory where it was appreciated by Jamaicans of all ages… Read More »

Saving the Ward Theatre

Go-Local Jamaica
by Fiona Loney
January 28, 2008
Theatre lovers who visited Kingston, Jamaica in the 1920s and 1930s without a doubt visited the Ward Theatre. In 1912, Colonel Charles Ward presented this once beautiful Theatre as a gift to the city of Kingston. The Theatre hosted many fine visiting theatre companies and touring performers, royalty and other diplomatic officials on behalf of the people of Jamaica… Read More »